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SEO Services


Best SEO Company in Nepal

It’s definitely not a cut and paste job!

Common Scenario: you are not found on the first page of major search engines.
And you know what? The most possible reason could be very simple.

Common Reason: it’s because your competitors are there and you are not.

If SEO was really a simple process, everyone would be on the first page in the organic results of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Remember, every business is different. And that’s why every business often needs SEO services suitable to their individual business requirements. SEO in today’s perspective has already proven to be one of the most cost effective means of marketing. To help your businesses grow and help you get the most out of your website, SEO Services Nepal has come out to offer wide range of SEO Packages as well as custom SEO solutions that best suit businesses of all kind and sizes with varying budgets.

We at SEO Services Nepal, a Nepal-based SEO Company offering world-class digital marketing services, ensure that every website that comes for optimization gets the right amount of attention and it goes with our rigorous process of offering uniqueness in every possible way. SEO Services Nepal as part of its ongoing SEO Services includes a range of components.


Initial SEO Services

  • Keyword Researchwe undertake comprehensive research into the keywords that significant traffic and revenue in your kind of business area.
  • Competitor Analysiswe conduct SWOT analysis of your competitors and their online presence.
  • Website Auditwe conduct technical website audit and make recommendations to ensure that your website is in the best possible position to excel through our SEO services.
  • Content Analysiswe analyze your web content to discover content ideas and opportunities that will fuel your SEO strategy.
  • Initial Ranking Reportswe show you where your website is right now for your targeted keyword that provides a benchmark for your SEO strategy.



Ongoing SEO Services

  • On-page Optimizationswe perform on-page optimizations (technical optimization) of your website to increase its relevance for the kind of keywords you are targeting. On-page optimization includes your website’s meta data, images, headings, internal linking optimizations and more.
  • Link BuildingWell, link building plays an important role in increasing your website’s authority through high quality links that point to your page.
  • Google+ Local Optimizationwe preform Google+ Local (which was formerly known as Google Places and Maps) optimization to give your website the best chance of ranking for local searches.
  • Content Strategy and strategic content developmentwe develop and disseminate the strategic and goal-focused content in order to help boost your search engine rankings.
  • Google Analytics Analysishow can we miss out utilizing Google’s powerful analytics software? We keep you posted about the health of your business’ key performance indicators as a result of our SEO service.
  • Webmaster Toolswe use Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that your website is healthy and search-engine friendly as well.


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