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9 Proven Tips to Get More Social Media Followers


Although we deny that followers number on the social media network don`t affect us but actually we do care……follower count isn’t any guarantee of the value of a social media account is something that you will know if you’re a mature digital marketer. However you also know that having large number of followers at the mean time is futile. The decision of the people to follow you is affected by looking at your follower numbers this happens whether you like it or not. Besides, the potential increases to extend and effect the followers that are real and relevant to your business if you have more number of followers.What is the difference that this one has got if there`s no crisis of guides online on building social media followings and posts. Well the difference is that they help building real followers and not some people caring less about you or your business or some bots. Also they are useful for business accounts to your brand reputation without causing any potential damage and for marketing as well. Here are 9 tips that are proven to get more social media followers:

Follow Legal, Relevant Accounts:
Firstly you should follow then only you may get followed. Your first step towards building your own following should be searching and following the accounts of the real people and not some fake one`s or bots and businesses who are relevant to your business mostly. To make majority of the strategies effectively it is a necessary base. You get followed back by some users just by doing it in some cases, mostly if your feed is full of valuable and relevant posts, and if your profile is completely filled out. More relevantly following accounts of real
and active accounts in your business will give you a base of people. There are many tools that are made just for the very reason to help you find such accounts.

Have Something to Show & Share:
If you want to get followed and be worth it then there should be some thing to show or share. You must have that substance called “something” to your profile for this. The people taking their time to check and go through your profile before following you will be your best followers. They will want something worth their time as they will be following you. You should fill every field applying you, should try to make a bio, on some social media like twitter where your bio is limited you should leave your keywords and links that you want to be found by and put a charming image as well. You should always update your profile and keep adding relevant posts.

Be Active & Engaged:
You may know this very well that in any social media tip post they tell you to “be active and engaged” however building a valuable following of real people is actually very crucial. Social media users always keep on doing link feeding which has made them tired of this process. Always commenting on and sharing the posts continuously. You just go on re sharing the post and that`s where there is a flaw you should not just re share others post but include a remark on reason why you`re sharing it, doing so in social media of others impact on the influences to display your value to new people which can get you followers as well.

Post Opinions, Data, News & Trends:
When you try to announce a subject matter which is crucial to your audiences can sometimes be not a good idea and can create a risk, however there is also a chance that it might obtain many sharing, exposures and engagement. The data which backs up their opinion or challenges them. either way they will share it. Keep on sharing the data on a usual basis this way they will want to follow you and not miss out. You can also get followed by people on social media or increase the number of peoples following you if you can be a reliable and relevant source that breaks the news which is important to your industry.

Post Regularly, But Appropriately:
As it is said that truth is hard in relaity and actually it is indeed. You should always post reliable data on the social media timely if not then you will be forgotten in no time no matter how popular you become. You should post regularly so that you will not be forgotten and maintain your prestige as well however you also don’t want to overdo it. You should post on daily basis on twitter where its much more real than heavy controlled network like facebook.

Rally Your Subscribers:
If you got list of email with you where you send content on regular basis then you should include your primary social media links in your newsletters. You should pled people to follow you every now and then. Those kinds of people will gladly follow you on social media who care and think of you and your content to open your emails.

Use Hashtags:
Hashtags are not used so offenly though they should be however when the right ones on networks like instagram and twitter are used they are considered and often gain new followers. Before leaping with a new hashtag you should always look. Make sure that it isn`t being used for something you don`t want your brand linked with by searching it on the network. For each of your posts to find the best hashtags Ritetag like tools can be used.

Get Speaking Gigs & Interviews:
Having a question asked and interviewed on a show can manifestly show good result for your career, however people wanting to get to know new people gets a very good chance and is really great for them. Relevantly the people at the meetings and so on…..are most likely to be crucial to your company and your businesss as well so the people will mostly be inspired to follow you on social media. You you see a difference in followers instantly after gigs like those.

Build Partnership Campaigns:
Building relationships with non-competing companies that still have relevance to your business area is crucial for both you and your company. When each partner has something that he wants to bring to the table is when these work best. Each of the partners has the opportunity to gain new followers from each other as both the partner will be advertising the content to its own admirers.You could offer to a tool or analysis company in your vertical to produce a joint study if you have some amazing kind of data from your business.

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