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5 Free Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers


Instagram is the most growing network among the people in the present context with over 400 million of users. Getting followers in Instagram is difficult and is not the way it should be. Mostly the business that uses Instagram for marketing give top priority to the number of followers. Getting the most number of followers is difficult in the present context and is not the it used to work so having difficulty in having followers is common, not every business has followers in large quantity. You and your business is not the first ones to not have followers. Instagram is a very good way to get revenue if right trick is used, with over millions of users there is no way that you will be at a loss unless you are worse and miserable and without a doubt mindless. Here are five tips that should help you increase your followers to some extent:

Tag People in Your Posts:

You should tag people with whom you want to have a partnership or even those people who you think falls into your target buyer. By tagging people in your post certainly doesn’t mean that you should tag your mom, brothers or some weirdo walking in the street. People doing so gets their followers number increased in many ways. Tagging relating brands and bloggers on your post is a very good idea for increasing followers number. Many people re-post the contents they find good to their Instagram where there are large number of followers and sharing it on many different sites as well. Partnerships can greatly be bonded by a simple tag of posts and other relevant information which can really be of your help as you will get a increase in follower base. That’s quite amazing don’t you think? You can simply take some time to think and get the idea to whom you should tag, tag the brands and people in your post timely and just to be sure you should be cautious from annoying any potential connections.

Like & Comment on Others’ Feeds:

This is one of the most effective way through which you can increase your followers number, its one of the best ways that should not be understated. You can casually like or comment on others post or feeds that way you will also be acknowledged and noticed and may be future partners through which you can increase your followers number. The main point that is stated here is that you should be interacting with your followers and audiences timely to ensure the followers is feeling worth and may suggest others as well. So, this way you can increase your number of followers through commenting on others blog and hitting the like button as well.

Include Your Location:

Speaking of location, it`s actually quiet crucial for getting followers on your Instagram. You may know better that without a location you can do nothing like: if there`s a restaurant that`s recently opened and is quiet amazing however very less people know about that place. Do you see that? even if the restaurant is famous, without the location it becomes plain and can face financial problems. From the above example we can conclude that without including the location in your post, the chances of finding you, liking your picture or even having contact with you is likely impossible. People will be helped in finding your brand when you use Geo tagging in creating a page. You may also know that most of the people usually search for pictures by the location, therefore making sure that you’re tagging the location of the picture mostly for popular places is quite way to grow your reach.

Promote Your Instagram Everywhere:

You may have created goodwill on social medias like Facebook, twitter…etc. You must had used many strategies to come up to extend the channels. Have you advertised them on your website with the share icons, did you include your links on your blog to your social channels? If not then you should do so and on the Instagram as well to grow the awareness. You can upload the fan base that you’ve already created by linking your Instagram account with Facebook. In your social channels you can run Instagram movement to build more exposure. And you will also want to create your own business hashtags, and ask your consumers, partners and employees to use them. You should be competitive on revealing people trying to touch your brand to your business. Extension cant happen if you fail to get get your account in front of people. These are all the secret tips and strategies if used there will be no excuse to not grow your following and you can even have the most number of followings.

Create an Instagram Hashtag Strategy:

For any Instagram marketing movement you should have a strong Instagram hashtag strategy as it is a crucial element however it should be a top priority for businesses wanting to have followers on Instagram as well. In a social media market Instagram hashtags is one of the most useful tool. You can get your business expanded, your brand and targeted audience if you use the right hashtag tools. Your chances of increasing followers on Instagram even rises to the top with the right use of hashtags. You can do so by finding out your audiences most used hashtags and search for the posts that also use that hashtag. After that you can comment or like the posts to involve with your society.

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