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4 on-site SEO mistake that hold back your e-commerce sites


No e-commerce website is perfect, particularly when it first goes live. although you select an apparently simple or turnkey e-commerce solution, issues are sure to occur And while it’s hard to predict problems, there are certain common e-commerce problems, say the experts, which can be prevented or fixed relatively easily.So Today, I want to shift the main focus toward issues that plague e-commerce sites specifically.I’ll even be addressing on-site issues that have a little additional to do with strategy and a bit less to do with specific technical mistakes.Let’s take a look at these issues.I wanted to form positive we had some real-world examples to refer to, thus I mined case studies from the business to demonstrate the concrete impact these changes can have on your search traffic.So here is some Problems list we face on on-site SEO that holds back e-commerce sites.

Poor images quality

When people are shopping for online, since they are giving up the tactile ability to select up and hold a product and examine it, you need to own nice quality photos, says Rick Wilson, president, Miva Merchant, a supplier of e-commerce software and hosting. It’s necessary to point out multiple angles, and if the choices modification the looks, like the colour, multiple choices. also make sure the photograph is large enough to zoom in on, especially with a smartphone.

Fewer descriptions or none at all

E-commerce websites usually have a really large number of a product, it’s common for products descriptions to be short, automated and provided by the manufacturer. sadly, this creates some issues for SEO. Short descriptions provide the search engines little or no content to work with, and this is often an issue. when analyzing 1000,000 search results, Backlinko concluded that longer content usually performs better: the common Google first page result is 1,890 words long.

Not mobile-optimized e-commerce site

Nowadays, Smartphone use increases a lot even 5-6 years child have the smartphone. In the era of the smartphone, you forget to make your e-commerce site mobile optimize then it will be a huge mistake.So check your e-commerce site in mobile friendly or not.If not then contact your website developer and tell him to optimize your site into mobile friendly.Many people think it not a big issue but nowadays site is gaining traffic more from a smartphone rather than desktop and laptops.

Using stock product descriptions:

The biggest mistake that e-commerce retailers use the manufacturer’s descriptions for the products they are selling. When you do that, especially it makes difficult to search engines to differentiate yourself from the competition. So that why don’t copy descriptions from the company of the product.If you are making that mistake then correct it right now. unique content always rank well in search engine.

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