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SEO Services Nepal

SEO Services Nepal provides services to client throughout Nepal. Our aim is to help your business increase their web profile ensuring their ranking in top spot of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

SEO is the process of optimizing the website to get the higher ranking in the search engines likes Google , Yahoo, Bing. Nearly million of business are been searched in a daily or weekly basis. So we make sure that your business will be found  on those search places.

Our SEO packages includes no of optimization techniques including link building, meta data update, on page content optimization, directory submission, article and blog posting, adword management and social media marketing. We use the latest tools and techniques which  help us analyze the website content to make sure you are targeting the keywords that are bringing significant numbers of visitors to your site.

what we do

A bit about us...

We don't like making promises we can't keep! SEO Services Nepal is a specialized SEO Company based in Nepal offering wide range of SEO solutions for small to large businesses. With a wealth of experience across industries, SEO Services Nepal wants to help valued clients build stronger businesses and further develop their relationships with their clients as well. To be more precise about what we do, well, we help our client brands and websites to increase the visibility and profitability. Being a...

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They Impressed us with 3 continuous successful project delivery and all the website is very high quality graphics and SEO friendly

2014-08-03 - Brian

SEO Service Nepal helped my website achieve high rankings quickly and efficiently. From our first introduction I knew I was working with professionals.

2016-01-20 - Omi Karki

SEO Service Nepal has helped my business rank on the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We hired them in hopes to gain more business and we did! My company is at the top of rankings for all those search engines using the keywords we picked out together. They send monthly ranking reports and have amazing customer service.

- Sudarshan

How you can Help us In Getting Customers?

We help you have a powerful and professional web presence. By implementing our SEO strategies, we increase your visibility in the organic search engine results. A professional looking website alone just won’t cut it, obviously. Don’t you think your prospective clients are already searching for your kind of products or services on the web?

How Long Will It Take To Rank Top 10 (Page 1)?

It takes time to work your way to the top indeed. You must always be very careful when engaging an SEO Company which offers ranking guarantees. If SEO provider’s practices are found deceptive, your site could be penalized and removed entirely from a search engine index.

Do You Provide Top 10 Ranking Guarantees?

We do not offer guaranteed results. But we’ll make sure that your website is getting extra care and consist every essential elements which helps in organic search ranking . Please make sure that SEO is not a one day job and is a gradual process. Guaranteed optimization is against Google Webmaster guidelines so be wary of the company who says “Guaranteed Results”.

Why Choose SEO Services Nepal

We offer quality SEO solutions for all types of businesses ranging from small to big. We understand that every business is different and ensure that you have the most suitable strategy to grow your business online. Being a professional web services provider, we develop creative web apps and provide Internet marketing and promotion services to the clients worldwide. Here are few reasons why you should choose SEO Services Nepal:

  • Quality and Innovation
  • Catering to big and small
  • Only use ethical SEO techniques
  • Put your business in front of the right audience
  • On time delivery
  • Our Philisophy: “It’s about you, not about us!”

SEO Facts and Output

SEO is not an easy job by the way. If SEO was a simple process, everyone would be on the first pages of the organic search results of major search engines! Site performance is based on a number of elements in it. As your website is constantly being reviewed by search engines to determine the relevance and ranking of particular keywords in your industry, we make your sure that you’re informed about the changes.

  • There are no guarantees in optimization for page 1 results
  • It takes time to work your way to the top
  • It’s not a copy and paste job!
  • SEO captures fresh leads
  • Enhances site experience for users
  • Attracts more traffic
  • Leads to increased business sales
  • Increases return on investment

What is SEO?

  • Social Media Marketing

    Relate to this scenario…

    Your prospective customers are online, surfing the web, searching for your kind of services or products. In the meantime, they think of purchasing some. So they are going to investigate a little further.

    They will simply google it! And what happens next is really up to you.

    If your business shows up in the organic search results with compelling and relevant message, you are going to be delivered a considerable amount of market share. And if your business doesn’t appear, your competitors are the possible contenders. Power of SEO it is!


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actually is the process of reengineering your website to make sure that search engines can accurately crawl your website, index the information, and fetch into organic search results while requested. SEO is in fact a practice of promoting a website so as to increase the page traffic that helps you get more visibility, online branding, and return on investment.

SEO Startegies

  • seo startegies

    SEO Services Nepal has been providing quality SEO services since last five years. We are a team of passionate SEO experts who cherish your business to have a booming online presence. Most of the SEO Companies out there have been offering better page ranking and driving targeted traffic in the name of SEO services. But SEO is not only about ranking and traffic stuffs. We, at SEO Services Nepal, follow the latest usability and only white-hat SEO techniques as our core SEO mechanism. At the same time, what we believe is: every business is different, and it needs different SEO strategies to work out the best for different businesses.

    However, we perform the following processes in order to implement our SEO strategies:

    1. Deeply understand your business
    2. Thorough Keyword Research
    3. Competitor Analysis
    5. Initial Website Analysis and Recommendations
    6. Initial Ranking Report for benchmarking
    7. On-page optimizations
    – Content Strategy, development, and promotion
    – Link Building
    – Technical Components
    8. Off-page optimizations
    9. Detailed monthly SEO reports with analysis and recommendations

Beyond SEO

  • seo

    If you have obtained top SEO ranking or you get listed on major search engines already, then it’s just the beginning of your online success. It’s not the end. If you are interested in our services that go beyond SEO, but are very much crucial for your online success, always feel free to discuss!


    Some of the broader services we have been offering to our clients as extraordinary web solutions suited for all kinds of businesses are: Viral Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), SEO-friendly Web Development, SEO-friendly Content Management System, Professional Content Writing, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, SEO Copywriting, and so on.


    Subscribe to our over-the-top SEO services and take your Internet Marketing and online success to the next level. With all these great options available, to be consistent is one of the best SEO tips actually. Lasting results will take some time to build up towards. There’s no magic wand for the web.

SMO Services

  • smo services

    SEO Services Nepal specializes in developing social media strategies for business of all sizes. We follow the proven Social Media Optimization methodology.


    Fact: About 87% of the Internet population is engaged on the social networking sites.


    Imagine an audience where your target market is regularly engaging with your brand via social media. When it comes to SMO Services, there are a number of options and requirements depending on where your business is at with Social Media. Under SMO services, we basically work on Social Media Content, Social Media Promotions, Social Media Monitoring and Sharing. We prepare customized SMO strategies based in the size and nature of your business.


    Being a professional SMO service provider, SEO Services Nepal can help you get started with social media campaigns that build the trust of visitors towards your business. SMO services are basically meant for improving your business bottomline.

For a Free SEO analysis report on how SEO Services can help your business, please Contact us today +977 01 4215251 or mail us at [email protected]

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