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WordPress SEO best practice?


Every business wants for the better position within the page of search engine and many business owner wishes to implement all the possible approach to make their website reachable among their audiences and customers. Open source WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools and WordPress SEO best practice will help to make your online presence handy and remarkable as it allows improving various types of business plans and approaches.

Check out some of the WordPress SEO best practice:

SEO compatible themes

WordPress holds an extensive array of attractive themes which includes easy customization and can be made responsive as well. Theme developer is making a complete effort to develop SEO optimized themes improving the codes with prompt loading time. Additionally, this guarantees the themes are created harmonizing the present SEO practices and is organized as desired by the Google Bots.

Focus on the contents

Content is the key element of SEO as regular update of content makes your site clean and fresh. Quality and informative content makes your online presence useful. Most of the search engines counting Google recommend the site having unique and quality content. Together with content, you should provide proper title and Meta descriptions on the WordPress website. Applying these components within your content will make your content available in the foremost page of search engine including Google

SEO-friendly plugins

Plugins gives life to your WordPress site providing various functionalities. Selecting a plugin is also a skill which you need to carry out properly as some plugins may make the website slow with full of errors. This may create a bad impression towards your business and take your users and customer way from the website as well.

Proper image Optimization

Proper image optimization makes your online presence fast and error free. So, for good WordPress SEO practice you need to produce ALT tags for every image. This also helps to gather extra traffic towards your site and makes your users view your website easily and comfortably. The image that you place in the blog plays a key part to engage additional traffic to your website. Furthermore, it also develops a better position within the page of various search engines.

Follow responsive web design

Mobile devices have become the basic component for everyone. People wishes to get engaged with the website at through their mobile devices. Many search engines including Google favor the responsive websites that easily fit in the entire device. So, if your website is not responsive, then you lacking behind today’s marketplace. This straightly influences the traffic of your online presence. If you want your site with more number of users, then make your website responsive now.

This article mainly focuses on the WordPress SEO best practices. Creating a WordPress and making it SEO compatible will make your website more effective and also makes your site noticeable in search engine’s page. Applying the above points will make your WordPress site more effective with WordPress SEO best practice.


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