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Your Rankings Have Dropped – 10 Things to Do Now


Everyone wants their website to be ranked first or number one for apparent reasons, as with your website ranked first you can get more traffic and you can have better online reputation. However things don’t happen like you wish them to be. To be ranked number one you need to build links in the right way, have a great content, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and so on.  However you cannot have the privilege if your ranking is low or if it is dropping. You are at your own fault if your ranking is dropping, it may be knowingly or unknowingly, you must have some flaws or the Google must have penalized your site. Here are 10 things that you should do now so that you can resolve them and get your SEO back on track.

Prevent Yourself from Being Outranked by a Competitor:

If you get exceeded by a competitor then you are surely to see the competitor site above yours which exceeded you, regarding the other sites they will remain in their same place as they were before. You must regularly check and investigate your competitor sites to have a better idea of what they are doing, Keep a close eye on their content and link building strategies and process your own strategies accordingly. Most importantly you should try to think differently and be creative to have your ranking increased.

Prevent Being Hit by a Google Penalty:

Normally this kind of penalty shows big drop in your ranking and it happens overnight. You could be hit by a penalty if your site drops more than 10-20 positions on a majority of keywords. You must identify what exactly damaged your site firstly and proceed accordingly to solve the issue calmly. You must mark your links and the possibility of being penalized regularly with particular tools so that when something begins to happen on your link profile you will get alerted. You have to present a review for recovering from the manual penalties however it will take few days to reclaim your position in the SERPs.

Prevent Demotions due to Lost Links:

With particular software you will have to mark your lost links sincerely however you will be alert of the matter before it is too late. If the things are above average and they act appropriately then by observing the link speed you can work it out. You can analyze your lost link in the last 3 months and if seen a lot of lost links then the ranking drop might be displayed. Analyze the lost links separately and you will know if this might be a red flag to Google if the links were extracted by the webmasters purposely as they were unusual links. You can question them back if you want as you may be penalized in the coming future.

Prevent On-page problems:

This may be that your site cannot advance in ranking. Even if you are constantly giving your all to make content and build links it may be a sign when your ranking begins to fall behind slowly. You may be confused where to search and how to analyze and solve the problem, it is pretty simple you just need to check your site in GWT and know if any trouble is from there. You may get a lot of broken links, for these, use the HTML advanced character to discover any troubles with tags. Mark your site in GWT and get notice accessed sent to your email, if you do this then you will have less chance of being a victim of on page troubles

Prevent being hit by a Google Update:

A Google Algorithm Update is a big drop, whenever you may be in trouble you might doubt the update if the ranking are dropping unexpectedly and quickly. If you want to analyze a Google Update then check the SEO story sites for such related update in that timeframe and after it is cleared then apply the finding to your own site. If you are wondering how to prevent being hit by the Google Update then be as natural as possible and make a brand. Concentrate on your own product, society and professional affairs with your site.

Check Content:

Content leaves a great impact on your website. It is very important to have a unique content and so is its quality, content is something that should be unique, attractive, and fascinating. As mentioned earlier if the content is found duplicate then it can affect the ranking in many ways. It should always be focused on its subject matter and should have meaning. For instance, if the users doesn`t stay on a page for long and if they don`t click deeper while staying on the page then we can conclude that the content is not in the bit interesting. You can use Cityscapes and Site line tools to check if your site is original or not. If problem regarding internal or external duplicate arise then you can make them correct by expanding the content.

Check Site Speed:

Speed is very crucial. It is very much essential and can make a great difference in time. Many sites take more time to load, if your site is slow and takes more time to load then you are probably behind the curtain already. How fast your page is can be found out by the help of free tools like Google`s page speed, and prosecutable advice are given to advance load times. Fiery fast sites can be taken to a whole new level with boost like minifying codes, optimizing image and allowing resource condensation.

Check Mobile:

It is very crucial to guarantee your website is clean, natural and offers value to users. Not every element or function that works on desktop makes sense for mobile, and besides you don`t want to turn away the searchers with a slow or complex site. Run your site through Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test if you want to see that mobile empathy could be affecting your rankings. This tool will provide advice, such as extracting interfering pop-ups, extracting unplayable content, among others if your site is not considered mobile friendly.

Check Backlink Profile:

Backlinks are very crucial for your site, they concern you as they convince to the search engines that your site is crucial, is something valuable, and is honored by others. Things like having a small backlink profile, few links from jurisdiction or thousands of links from spammy sites can damage your potential to rank. To be sure nothing is wrong you must be alert to analyze your profile, when your ranking is dropping. You can see what sites are linking to you, which pages have they linked and what security text is used by them with the help of tools like majestic, ahrefs and open site explorer.

Check Keyword List:

You must be very careful about the keyword list, let`s say that you handle a digital marketing company however if you stop supplying services and extract that service page then you are sure to fall for that keyword. Get rid of the keywords that are not believable, as they won’t do any favors for you and they confuse the real picture of your search efficiency.

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