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Are you Familiar with Google Penalty?


The unsafe consequence on a search ranking of an online presence about the update to search algorithms together with the manual valuation of search engine Google is known as Google penalty. This sort of penalty can be because of the consequence of the updated algorithms or because of different types of black-hat SEO presentations.

Nowadays Google penalty has turned out to be very much familiar. From the year of 2000 it has become varying the ranking algorithm. Moreover, it also began to develop the quality of search engine, removing low quality as well as duplicate contents.



  1. Algorithm Penalty

Algorithm Penalty is a type of Google penalty affecting the online presence of a business because of various algorithms of Google for low quality or else duplicate contents.

  1. Manual Penalty

This type of Google Penalty is also recognized as manual action and when the search engine Google caught your site against the extensive search quality strategies then you will become a sufferer of this Manual penalty.

How to find out whether it is penalty or not?

In order to be worried about the Google penalty, firstly you have to realize whether it is a penalty or not. To figure out, you can do some sort of research line and observe the way search engine Google treats with your online presence. At the time you notice it has changed it behaves with your web presence, you may be the victim of Google penalty. Additionally, you can confirm outcomes from a variety of communities and verify the referrer traffic with the analytical tools you employ.

Ways to Recover from Google Penalty:

Focus on the Documentations

One of the most suitable ways to take your website out of the Google penalty is through the documentation. Make sure penalties will not be cancelled unless you submit adequate proof to Google. Hence, the documentation that you hold should hold right to use for webmaster, Open site explorer or third part Search engine Optimization (SEO) together with some of the plugin essential for excels.

Get help from the available tools

At the time your online presence gets penalized by Google you can out of it with the various tools available. Here are some of the tools that will help you to get rid of Google penalty:

Fetch As Google

This tool holds handy characteristic of Google Webmaster tool since it identifies a minor mistake quickly.


One of the most helpful tools CopyScape discovers the duplicate content. When you have a doubt about including duplicate content in your content then you can use this tool online to figure it out.

Majestic SEO

An intelligence tool Majestic SEO assists you to inspect and look for the link profile of your website .Additionally, It will help you to put up perceptive with the link profile you hold as well.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google web master tool helps to understand the way Google observes your web presence, updating you directly about the manual penalty created via Google.

Wrapping Up,

Most of the website proprietors develop a website without getting familiar with Google penalties. So if you are unknown about Google penalties then this article will be very helpful to you. Go through this article and know more Google penalties and make your online presence safe from it.


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